About Us

I am Felipe Carranza photographer based in Bogota, Colombia.


My work goes beyond portraying isolated episodes, characters or circumstances. I passionately believe that while being observed through a lens, the dim spontaneity and simplicity of the gestures and special moments are highlighted.


That’s exactly where my responsibility relies. I look for trust in those behind and in front of the lens. Likewise, I look for trust and spontaneity while the groom and the bride express, utter, feel and build their own graphic account. My personal interest and delight is to find those casual moments of laughter, looks, caresses and impressions hidden behind the formalities of a wedding. This lies right at the heart of my work as a photographer as I firmly believe that is where the real meaning of such an important decision is. Entering a world of diverse sensations and moments is where my work is best represented. I do not long for a mere conventional event but a life changing experience. I hope to offer a couple a solid and vivid account of the most genuine and profound expression of love that they are about to experience – a new and exciting chapter of their lives.